Postdoctoral Researchers
Name Position
Dr Adam Burke UNSW 2009-2014 (Now at Lund U)
Graduate Student Alumni
Name Position
Damon Carrad Ph.D. Physics 2016 (Now at T.U. Munich)
Sebastian Fricke M.Phil. Physics 2014 (Now at UNSW)
Jason Chen * Ph.D. Physics 2012 (Now at U. Tokyo)
Andrew See * Ph.D. Physics 2012 (Now at ANFF-UNSW)
Khalid Muhieddine M.Phil. Physics 2010 (Now at UQ)
Undergraduate Student Alumni
Name Position
Martin Darborg Practicum Exchange from DTU, Denmark 2015
Ditte Pedersen Practicum Exchange from DTU, Denmark 2015
Roman Lyttleton Chemistry Honours 2012
Damon Carrad Physics Honours 2011
David Waddington Physics Honours 2010
Max Williams Nanotechnology Honours 2010
* Indicates jointly working with the Quantum Electronic Devices Group.