Relativity in brief... or in detail..

Acknowledgments and credits.

Thanks to:
  • Oleg Sushkov, Physics, UNSW (helpful discussions)
  • Mike Gal, Physics, UNSW (photographs in module 5)
  • Gary Keenan, Physics, UNSW (help with demonstrations)
  • Peter Slezak, Arts, UNSW (le collazione con Galileo e altri)
  • Nigel Freeman and Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney (permission to film the accelerator)
  • Iutta and Pedro Waloschek (drawings in module 1)
  • Katherine Stephenson, Stanford University and Lockheed Martin Corporation (photo of Gravity Probe B)

  • Chinese subtitles by Weihong Zheng
  • French subtitles by Emmanuel Bossy
  • German subtitles by Bettina Rosche
  • Italian subtitles by Mardocheo Carbone
  • Japanese subtitles by Tooru Taniguchi
  • Russian subtitles by Oleg Olegovich Sushkov
  • Spanish subtitles by Tony Gutierrez
  • Other languages?

Written and presented by Joe Wolfe.

Production and multimedia by George Hatsidimitris.

Review of Einstein Light in Science, 17 June, 2005.

Einstein Light has a Science & Technology Web Award 2005 from Scientific American, 3 October, 2005.

Einstein Light: Yahoo's Pick of the Day for 22 October, 2005.

Einstein Light : American Scientist's Site of the Week for 28 November, 2005.

    Why are there no subtitles in any Australian languages?

    At the time of the European invasion, there were a few hundred different languages in Australia. Of these, several dozen are still in reasonable or good health. Each one is associated with the people of a particular region, so there is no single Australian language that would be representative.

    For symbolic reasons - to acknowledge the original owners of the land upon which stands the University of New South Wales - it would have been satisfying to have subtitles in Bedegal or Cadigal, Dharug languages, spoken by the Bedegal, Cadigal and Eora people. However, these languages have no current native speakers, and only a limited vocabulary is known. The European invasion brought a combination of smallpox, warfare and competition for food resources, which had disatrous effects on the these peoples.

    Aboriginal people of coastal Sydney from the Australian Museum site.

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