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Monday, 21st January, 2013

Reflections on Ridge A: Food (Geoff)

Ridge A burger

Going camping in one of the most remote, coldest and inhospitable places on Earth, I didn't have high expectations in the food department. In fact, when we first met Ben (our mountaineer/guide), he read out his proposed menu for the trip which included things like quesadillas and enchiladas. I kept my mouth shut but was secretly wondering how it was possible to cook up anything even remotely delicious in such harsh conditions.

Well, I was proved wrong! I am not sure how, but Ben created some of the tastiest meals I have eaten since being in Antarctica. Perhaps the best dish of all was left unphotographed: melted cheese quesedillas with a sprinkling of Italian 'erbs. These photos show a few of the meals we enjoyed (the yellow tinge is caused by the tent fabric).

Deconstructed enchilada

Pasta with Italian sausage

Mashed potato

Cheesey melt bagel with bacon

Pancakes and syrup

Cheesey Italian sausage

Toasted cheese sandwich

-- Geoff


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