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Saturday, 19th January, 2013

Camping (Geoff)

So these blogs are not necessarily in chronological order - work continues at Ridge A, but this particular post will show what it is like to camp there.

We each had our own mountain tent to sleep in (pictured above). Typically these are to be shared between two people, but it is a bit of a squeeze.

Because of the delays, it meant that we could each have our own tent at least for a few days. The view was quite impressive when you opened up the fly each morning:

I should have remembered to get a hair cut before going camping in Antarctica. When I was outside, any stray hairs outside of my beanie soon turned into a crisp spiderweb-like consistancy:

Apart from our sleeping tents, we also had a "cooking, eating and hangout" tent. This is where Ben prepared all our meals and where we generally just hung out while not working. Previous campers had decorated the inside of the tent with small hearts.

Our campsite was complete with below ground level bathroom (for wind protection) which also had quite a nice view:

-- Geoff


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