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Thursday, 27th December, 2012

Observation Hill & Scott Base (Geoff)

After a long day organising our camping gear for Ridge A, a few of us wandered up Observation Hill. The weather was slightly better than the first time I did it (on Christmas Eve). John kicked back, and enjoyed the view:

Meanwhile, Dan wanted to update his Facebook profile picture:

We hung around the top for about 20 minutes or so:

John & Daniel discuss diesel engines

Later on this evening, Nick & I walked over to Scott Base, about a half hour walk from McMurdo. This is New Zealand's home in Antarctica, and is nicely colour coded, with every building being this nice greenish colour:

We enjoyed a couple of deliciously cheap (NZD$1.80) Summit Largers, then admired the landscape around Scott Base, which is much more picturesque than that around McMurdo. I need to return with my telephoto lens to take some photos of the seals.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about Scott Base, was their choice of font for their main entrance sign. How good is Comic Sans!

Scott Base

-- Geoff


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