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Thursday, 27th December, 2012

Gear pull (John)

Today we sat through one more briefing (on environmental issues), then off to the Berg Field Centre to select our equipment for the field camp at Ridge A. We're allocated a "cage" in which to stack all our things, which range from our personal camping gear (sleeping bags, tents etc.) to survival equipment. The "gear pull", as it is called, is a lot of fun. All of the things are very high quality and well-maintained, so it's like being able to walk into a camping store and just choosing the best of everything.

Abe sorts out our stuff in the cage.

All of the hazardous materials, such as fuel, the camp stoves and fuel pumps, are separated out.

From here, everything will be loaded into a ski-equipped LC130 Hercules, and flown to the South Pole - possibly as early as Sunday. We'll repack everything there, along with our own equipment, for the Twin Otter flights to Ridge A.

Geoff tries out "Plan B" for getting into the PLATO engine module if the lid is frozen on.

This evening Geoff and Nic have polished up their best American accents and headed off to Scott Base, the nearby NZ station. Each Thursday is "American night", when folk from the very much larger McMurdo station can visit their NZ colleagues - partly for the camaraderie and partly because the beer is considerably better. The remainder of our team, who are older and wiser (read "more boring") are, however, pottering about in the Crary Lab, mindful that an early and sober start tomorrow for "Happy Camper" school awaits us.


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