Joe Wolfe: music page

My day job is physics: I research the physics of the voice and of musical instruments.

I am also a composer. This page exists to list some of my orchestral and chamber music, which may be downloaded as sound files or as sheet music.

Some orchestral and chamber music

And various miscellany, including 'Johnny's Big Red Bar and Grill' from my time spent at Cornell. This pre-concert talk about Wagner's Valkyrie.

Parts and scores. This music is self published and is available from me or downloaded from this site. For amateur orchestras, the score and parts may be available for the cost of post and handling, though I usually ask users of my music to make a donation to a charity. Write to:
Joe Wolfe /, phone 61-2-9385 4954 (UT + 10, +11 Oct-Mar).


About Joe. The magazine Australasian Science did a profile on me recently. Margaret Throsby did an interview with me for the ABC's The interview.


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