Impedance measurements of clarinet player's airway

This page is an appendix for the scientific paper:
Fritz, C. and Wolfe, J. (2005) "How do clarinet players adjust the resonances of their vocal tracts for different playing effects?", J. Acoust. Soc. America 118, 3306-3315.

Here are the impedance measurements (magnitude and phase) for different players and for different playing effects :

- normal playing mode on the whole register (measured on G3, G4, G5 and G6)

- special effects like pitch bend, slurred register change and tight embouchure

- other special effects like different vowels or comparison between a nice and a bad sound. These measurements were done on suggestion of the players so they are not available for each player.

normal playing
special effects
player A
player B
player C
player D
player E
player F

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