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This year we will be combining the Gordon Godfrey Workshop Poster Session with a Quantum Physics in the Sydney Region Poster Session, which will have posters from PhD, Masters and Honours students from Macquarie University, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, and Western Sydney University.

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 Name  Institute  Poster title
Alaa Yousif Ali Ali  The University of Newcastle  CVD Graphene at Low Temperature Growth as Alternative Transparency Electrode for Organic Photovoltaics 
Alexander Nguyen  Monash University  Achieving Aluminum Liftoff for Fabricating a Spin Hall Effect Device 
Anuva Aishwarya  University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign  Spectroscopic signatures of Quasi One-Dimensional Wigner Crystallization at Domain Walls in the Mott Insulator TaS2 
Biswas Sangram  Indian Institute of Science  Probing Transport Properties of 3-dimensional Topological Insulators Using Local and Non-local Measurement Technique 
Daichi Kurebayashi  RIKEN CEMS  Current-driven dynamics of spin textures on a surface of topological insulators 
David Cortie  University of Wollongong  Hyperfine interactions within nanometers of the surface of the Kondo topological insulator SmB6 detected using beta-NMR 
Debottam Daw  Center for Integrated Nanostructure Physics, IBS, SKKU  Highly efficient spin injection in Graphene through NiFe-h-BN 3D-2D heterointerface 
Eric Howard  Macquarie University  Thermalization dynamics with Matrix-Product States 
Fabio Henriques  University of Technology Sydney  Digital simulation of the quantum Rabi model phase transition in circuit QED 
Marta Henriques  University of Coimbra, Portugal  Quantum effects in electrical transport properties of Bi2Se3 and BiSbTe3 topological insulators 
Jean-Philippe Tetienne  University of Melbourne  A cryogenic widefield nitrogen-vacancy microscope 
Jeffrey McCallum  University of Melbourne  Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance Study of Intrinsic Defects in SiC PN Junction Devices 
Jonathan Reiner  UNSW  Spectroscopic visualization of a robust electronic response of semiconducting nanowires to deposition of superconducting islands 
Joshua Maggiora  University of Sydney  The Anisotropic Charge Transport Properties of MAPbI3 and MAPbBr3 Hybrid-Perovskite Bulk Single Crystals 
Khatereh Edalati  University of Melbourne  Effect of different laser micromachining parameters on diamond trenches' roughness and ablation depths 
Madhavi Madhavi  IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, India  Specific heat in Iron Pnictide Superconductors within three orbital model: Influence of intra-orbital coupling and Hund's coupling 
Matthew O'Brien  UNSW  Finite-temperature properties of two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnets 
Matthew Rendell  UNSW  Electrically driven spin resonance and anisotropic g-factor of hole spins in germanium quantum dots 
Oleh Klochan  UNSW Canberra  Lateral Superlattice in GaAs: how to make anti-graphene 
Pankaj Sharma  MSE, UNSW  Room temperature ferroelectric semimetal 
Payal Wadhwa  Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India  Theoretical prediction of non-trivial band topology in heterostructure of LaAs and LaBi 
Saurav Islam  Indian Institute of Science  Low-temperature saturation of phase breaking length in topological insulators 
Scott Liles  UNSW  Electric control of the single hole g-factor by 400 percent 
Thomas Scaffidi  University of Toronto  Hydrodynamic electron flow and Hall viscosity 
William Pappas  UNSW  Spatially Correlated Magneto-Electroluminescence in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes 
Xiaodong Zhou  Beijing Institute of Technology  Spin-order dependent anomalous Hall effect and magneto-optical effect in the noncollinear antiferromagnets 
Xiuxian Yang  Beijing Institute of Technology  Low lattice thermal conductivity and excellent thermoelectric behavior in skutterudites CoSb3, IrSb3 and Li3Sb and Li3Bi 
Yaroslav Kharkov  Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland  Lifshitz criticality in frustrated XY models 
Zeb Krix  UNSW  Bulk Currents in Artificial Graphene in the QHE Regime 
Zhongtao Mei  Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics  Derivation of matrix product states for the Heisenberg spin chain with open boundary conditions 
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