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Invited Speakers

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Batchelor, Murray
ANU, Australia 
Parafermionic spin chains
Bhattacharyya, Semonti
Monash University,  Australia 
Probing quantum phase transition and decoherence in topological insulators with universal conductance fluctuations
Cassidy, Maja
University of Sydney,  Australia 
Circuit QED at 1T with a graphene transmon
Cole, Jared
RMIT University,  Australia 
Charge transport in nanostructures: filling the void between ab-initio and effective models
Coppersmith, Susan
UNSW,  Australia 
Engineering Majorana zero modes in silicon
Efimkin, Dmitry
Monash University,  Australia 
Topological Fluctuating Cooper Pairs in Superconductors
Fuhrer, Michael
Monash University,  Australia 
Signature of helical transport in quantum spin Hall insulator ultrathin Na_3Bi
Golub, Leonid
Ioffe Institute,  Russia 
Gyrotropic optical effects in semiconductor quantum wells
Hudson, Karina
UNSW,  Australia 
Probing the spin-orbit interaction using quantum point contacts
Karel, Julie
Monash University,  Australia 
Uncovering Berry: The Role of Topology in the Anomalous Hall Effect of Antiferromagnetic Mn3Ge and Amorphous Ferromagnetic FexSi(1-x) and FeyCo(1-y)Si
Keser, Aydin
UNSW,  Australia 
Hydrodynamic electron flow in 2D semiconductor heterostructures
Klinovaja, Jelena
University of Basel,  Switzerland 
Second Order Topological Superconductivity in p-Junction Rashba Layers
Koiller, Belita
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro,  Brasil 
Donor chains in Si as simple models simulator
Kostylev, Mikhail
The University of Western Australia,  Australia 
Magnetic-film based Quantum Magnonics
Li, Wei
Tsinghua University,  China 
Evidence of anisotropic Majorana bound states in 2M-WS2
QUTech,  The Netherlands 
Universal Quantum Information with Hot Silicon Spins and Fast Germanium Holes
Lyanda-Geller, Yuli
Purdue University,  USA 
Domain walls and parafermions in 2D electron and hole systems.
MacDonald, Allan H
University of Texas,  USA 
Orbital Ferromagnetism in Magic Angle Twisted Bilayer Graphene
Marcellina, Elizabeth
Nanyang Technological University,  Singapore 
Signatures of quantum mechanical Zeeman effect in classical transport due to topological properties of two dimensional spin-3/2 holes
McCallum, Jeff
The University of Melbourne,  Australia 
Superconductivity in Degenerately-doped Si Nanowire Devices
Mourik, Vincent
UNSW,  Australia 
Coherent electrical control of a single high spin nucleus in silicon
Neilson, David
Universiteit Antwerpen,  Belgium 
Electron-Hole Superfluids in Semiconducting Solids
Normand, Bruce
Paul Scherrer Institute,  Switzerland 
One Proximate Kitaev Spin Liquid in the K-J-G Model on the Honeycomb Lattice
O. Jeschke, Harald
Okayama University,  Japan 
Search for spin liquids in pyrochlore lattice materials
Ostrovskaya, Elena
ANU,  Australia 
Quantum depletion of an exciton-polariton condensate
Parish, Meera
Monash University,  Australia 
Microscopic theory of exciton-polaritons
Pereg-Barnea, Tami
McGill University,  Canada 
Floquet systems - manipulating topology
Polini, Marco
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia,  Italy 
Collective excitations in twisted bilayer graphene close to the magic angle
Powell, Ben
University of Queensland,  Australia 
A menagerie of insulators on the decorated honeycomb lattice
Rachel, Stephan
University of Melbourne,  Australia 
Correlation-Driven Charge Order in a Frustrated Two-Dimensional Atom Lattice
Rule, Kirrily
ANSTO,  Australia 
Paratacamite Polymorphs: How Different Symmetries Affect the Magnetic Interactions and Ground State Properties of 2D Magnets
Scappucci, Giordano
QUTech,  The Netherlands 
When will Germanium become the new leading material in quantum information?
Schmalian, Joerg
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,  Germany 
Electron and electron-phonon hydrodynamics
Tretiakov, Oleg
UNSW,  Australia 
Beyond Skyrmions: Antiskyrmions and Bimerons
Wang, Lan
RMIT University,  Australia 
Spintronics based on 2D ferromagnetic materials and Van der Waals heterostructures
Wang, Xiaolin
University of Wollongong,  Australia 
Giant magnetoresistance and electromagnetic manipulation of liquid metals
Yang, Hyunsoo
National University of Singapore,  Singapore 
Spin-Orbit Technologies: From Magnetic Memory to Terahertz Generation
Tsinghua University,  China 
Ising pairing in few-layer stanene and Josephson effect in twisted BSCCO junctions
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