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Tuesday, 22nd January, 2013

Final day at Ridge A (Geoff)

Today, we finally heard Ben call "They're gonna fly!" at 08:00 (the past few days, we had heard "No flight" instead). We were up early, and woke to an interesting diamond-dust display in the sky whereby sun dogs were present (and the beginnings of a faint parhelic circle), but no halos or other associated phenomena. Our first duty after breakfast was to put the final touches on the ski way - flattening it out to aid the Twin Otter pilots in landing.

It was a calm enough morning that we decided to take some photos of ourselves against the "flat white" backdrop.

The plane was due to arrive at around 13:00, but Nic couldn't wait so he packed up his belongings and started to walk back to the South Pole.

Sure enough, 20 minutes early, the Twin Otter landed. We shook hands with the other half of the team and wished them all the best with their portion of the mission. Within a couple of hours, we were back at the South Pole (via AGAP-South again), where -25 degrees C has never felt so warm.

-- Geoff


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