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Wednesday, 9th January, 2013

Wx cancel (Geoff)

Today our first cargo flight to Ridge A was scheduled as a backup, meaning that if their primary flight didn't go ahead for whatever reason, we would be on. In such a case, we would be required to load the Twin Otter with our cargo at around 07:45.

We were very excited when we saw that in fact the primary flight was cancelled, and Ridge A appeared on the schedule:

However, within minutes, it was cancelled because of a bad weather forecast:

As it turns out, using the Uncle Bob webcam at Ridge A, we were able to see that the weather was in fact, pretty good. The pilots will now be using a combination of forecasts and webcam images to make their decision on whether or not to fly.

We continued to put the finishing touches on the engines, and organise the remaining tools we need to take with us.

John attachs some exhaust pipes onto the engines. Note that the engines are now on pretty amazing "sledlets", which will make moving the engines around at Ridge A very easy.

-- Geoff


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