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Wednesday, 2nd January, 2013

Flying south (Geoff)

We had our second attempt to fly to the South Pole today. It stated off interesting: riding in a Delta, getting bogged, and getting out of the swamp again. This is something we were used to by now, so I took a few video clips to show the process:

After the Delta was cleared, we had a short wait in the passenger terminal, and then rode in the back of a ute to our own private LC-130 Hercules.

This time, amazingly, we actually flew in it!

No sharp objects allowed on board... except for this axe, of course.

And then we finally arrived at the South Pole! I'm not going to say it wasn't cold, but it certainly didn't feel as cold as it was (approx -25 C).

John, Nic and Daniel step out of the Herc.

The team arrives at South Pole station.

We had a quick look around, admired the Skua Hut (a free clothing & goods trading service), and had an early night.


-- Geoff


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