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Tuesday, 1st January, 2013

Once around Observation Hill. (John)

Things got off to a slow start this morning, and gradually wound down from there. Very little is happening here - after all, it is New Year's Day.

It was however gorgeous weather; gorgeous, that is, unless it's once again melting the Pegasus airfield to a slush. Still, good enough for a walk around Observation Hill!

To the left, McMurdo's big rhombic HF antennas that will provide a communications link to us at Ridge A; to the right the Scott Base wind turbines.

Seals. I struggle to find anything interesting to say about seals, which just lie there all day like big fat slobs.

McMurdo, all quiet and peaceful.

Nothing flies today.

Advice for the fork-lift driver...

...I think.

Surely we'll get to South Pole tomorrow!


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