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Monday, 31st December, 2012

Reflections on McMurdo: Food (Geoff)

A lot of people asked me what food we would be eating while in Antarctica. Instant noodles? Soup? Seal blubber? It turns out that in the established stations (such as McMurdo), they actually have an incredible food service, where they cater for up to 800-1000 people in the summer. You turn up, grab a tray and plate, and select from a huge range of food and drinks. There are typically 2 or 3 main choices for every meal, an additional vegetarian option, plus a number of sides & desserts. And of course the usual juices, tea, coffee, etc.

I am seriously impressed with the variety and quality of food available at McMurdo. These photos document just a small sample of everything that is available.

Lunch and dinners:

Prawns and cold meats (rare roast beef, chicken breast, prosciutto

Butter syrup - yes, really!

Cheese and onion garnish

Vegetarian: kale with Mac'n'Cheese

Fried chicken



Roast lamb

Rosemary chicken thigh and 'tata skin tacos

Tater tots (potato gems)

Full plates:

Burger and veggies

Christmas dinner: beef wellington, duck breast and roast potato

Fried chicken with strawberries and cream

Tater tots (potato gems)


Blueberry lace pies

Coffee cake


Dirt puddin'

Dirt puddin'

Actual dirt

Peppermint frosty boy

Eggnog desserts

Ginger slice and orange slime

Peach and cherry fruit crisp with ginger crumble



Fruit loop log

Lemon chiffon cake

Chocolate and cream cake

Baked goods:







Donut holes

Chocolate donuts

Gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread house

Blueberry muffins

Pastries and banana bread


Sample of the McMurdo menu. Click the image to see the full week.

-- Geoff


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