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Saturday, 22nd December, 2012

Nearly... (John)

OK, so we didn't check in at 1900 last night, after all.

However, at 7 am this morning we arrived at the USAP departure lounge, dressed ourselves up in our ECW gear and checked in. Our good spirits were only slightly dampened by the news that we would be flying in a Hercules LC130, rather than the Airbus A319. This means 7 to 8 hours flying time (as opposed to 4 to 5) and less-than-comfortable webbing seats.

Geoff checks in. That's a glove in his pocket, not Nic playing another of his little pranks.

So, lugging our carry-on bags, boomerang bags and ear plugs, we climbed into the van, sat on the tarmac while the plane finishing refueling, then clamboured up the metal stairs into the Hercules.

Daniel appears to have forgotten just how grim 8 hours in a Herc can be.

Jen, from Boston University, clearly hasn't. Craig is bravely forcing a smile.

The flight crew actually got to start the engines and make rumbling noises for bit, before powering down and informing us that the weather at McMurdo was still "bad" in some unspecified way. Apparently the visibility continues to be very poor.

So, I'm typing this in the comfort of my hotel room once again. Check-in tonight is midnight, with the carrot of an A319 flight held out to us to keep us in good cheer. The Dux Live calls.


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