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Thursday, 20th December, 2012

Dux Live (Geoff)

Tonight we opted for a change of scenery, and held our nightly operations meeting at Dux Live. Perhaps one of the most important discussions of the night was whether the Nor'wester (Strong pale ale, 6.5% alc/vol; pictured on left) or Blue Duck (Amber Ale, 4% alc/vol; right) was more likely to assist us to achieve some shut eye on the flight to McMurdo.

But seriously, we had a great dinner, and were privledged enough to hear Christchurch's least known band perform a sound check. As if that weren't enough, every time nature called we were greated by this dude, the blue tinge a product of Dux Live's anti-drugs policy.

Upon arrival at our hotel after dinner, we experienced our last sunset for a few weeks over an incredibly un-scenic carpark.

See you in Antarctica... hopefully.

-- Geoff


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