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Tuesday, 18th December, 2012

Christchurch (John)

Having endured the harshest and most arduous leg of the journey already (flying Jetstar to Christchurch), Geoff and I finally arrived 4 hours late and are comfortably settled into our motel. Nic and Daniel are already here, having arrived yesterday to repack our big lithium batteries into appropriate crates for air transport. We were very kindly met at the airport by a USAP (US Antarctic Program) representative, who helped us with our arrangements and gave us our departure time for McMurdo: 9pm on Thursday.

We've also caught up with our two US colleagues, Craig and Abe, at Sydney airport, so now the team is complete. We'll spend tomorrow reviewing our plans for the rest of the trip, and enjoying our last experiences of the colour green for the next month or so.


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