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Monday, 17th December, 2012

Introducing the team. (John)

Today marks the start of our expedition to Ridge A, Antarctica, with two of our team, Nic Bingham and Daniel Luong-Van, flying to Christchurch. Geoff Sims and myself, John Storey, will follow them tomorrow.

In Christchurch we'll meet up with Craig Kulesa and colleagues from the University of Arizona, and be fitted with our ECW (Extreme Cold Weather) gear and briefed prior to deployment by the US National Science Foundation later in the week.

The UNSW expedition team consists of three young researchers (Nic, Daniel and Geoff) and myself, who retired last year. When I'm not doing emeritus professor things, I look like this:

This will be my twelfth trip to Antarctica. All of my previous visits have been, like this one, of a few weeks duration over summer. The purpose of this expedition is to refuel, refurbish and upgrade the PLATO-R research facility at Ridge A, Antarctica, which was installed by the UNSW/Arizona team at the beginning of 2012.

Staying back at UNSW is Michael Ashley, leader of the PLATO project. Michael will be kept very busy over the next few weeks remotely operating PLATO-R and its cousins at Dome A and Dome F while the upgrades are taking place.


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