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Session 2, 2008 Lecture Notes

Physics Lecture Theatre, Mondays @ 1pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays @ 5pm

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Particle Kinematics in One Dimension

Lecture 1 (28/7/08) - Displacement, velocity and acceleration.
Lecture 2 (30/7/08) - Motion with constant acceleration, non-uniform acceleration.

Motion in Two and Three Dimensions

Lecture 3 (31/7/08) - Vectors, vector addition.
Lecture 4 (4/8/08) - Equations of motion in vector form.
Lecture 5 (6/8/08) - Projectile motion, circular motion, relative motion.


Particle Dynamics

Lecture 6 (7/8/08) - Newton's laws of motion.
Lecture 7 (11/8/08) - Newton's laws: applications.
Lecture 8 (13/8/08) - Friction forces, dynamic of circular motion.
Lecture 9 (14/8/08) - Newton's law of gravitation, motion of planets and satellites, g and variation.
Lecture 10 (18/8/08) - The gravitational field.

Work and Energy

Lecture 11 (20/8/08) - Mechanical work, vector dot product, variable forces, kinetic energy and work-energy theorem, potential energy.
Lecture 12 (21/8/08) - Conservative forces, conservation of mechanical energy, applications, power.

Momentum and Collisions

Lecture 13 (25/8/08) - Linear momentum and collisions.
Lecture 14 (27/8/08) - Two dimensional collisions, centre of mass, many particle systems.


Lecture 15 (28/8/08) - Angular velocity and acceleration.
Lecture 16 (1/9/08) - Rotational Kinematics.
Lecture 17 (3/9/08) - Rotational kinetic energy.
Lecture 18 (4/9/08) - Moment of inertia, torque.

Mid Session TEST 1: SATURDAY 13th September, 2008

Quiz 3 due on Monday the 8th of September
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