UNSWIRF Installation

This page shows some pictures of UNSWIRF being installed on the AAT.

etalon1 etalon2

Two images of the etalon, manufactured by Queensgate Instruments (UK) Ltd. Notice the large number of optical elements and delicate coatings required to make UNSWIRF tunable over the full wavelength range 1.5 - 2.4 µm.

mounting box etalon cables

Two views of UNSWIRF installed in its slide in between the primary mirror cell of the AAT and IRIS. The various cables connect the etalon slide to its controller, and the etalon to the CS100 controller.

cass cage rack

Rack in the AAT Cassegrain cage holding the UNSWIRF PC (top), CS100 controller, and etalon slide controller. Commands to change the etalon plate spacing (and thus the wavelength of peak transmission) from the instrument VAX computer are relayed to the CS100 via the Sun workstation and the UNSWIRF PC.

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Last modified: August 22, 1997.
Stuart Ryder