AST3 Exoplanets Workshop

Nanjing, China

10-11 October 2013


In 2013 May, the first data from the Chinese-led Antarctic Survey Telescope (AST3) were brought back for analysis. An international team of astronomers met in Tengchong in late May to discuss preliminary results and plan data processing strategies. A summary page of some of the data processing from that meeting can be found here.

This workshop is intended to be a focused meeting of the AST3 Australia-China Exoplanet Working Group. The overall objective is to present the results from the first data release and make plans for follow-up analysis and observations.


  1. 1. Results and lessons learned from 2011 winter data. Calibration techniques, data issues, candidate selection processes.

  2. 2.Observing strategies for the next winter season. Candidate follow-up plans, allocation of tasks for next steps.

If you want to give a talk on exoplanet science using the AST3 data, please send a title and abstract to Rob Wittenmyer.