• During Dusan Lazar's visit, we explored the function of melatonin in Characeae as antioxidant in photosynthesis.

    Lazar D, Murch SJ, Beilby MJ and Al Khazaaly S (2013) Exogenous melatonin affects photosynthesis in characeae Chara australis. Plant Signaling and Behaviour 8:3, e23279

  • Working with Mary Bisson on ROS detection, we measured the effect of melatonin on saline-induced noise in Chara.

    Beilby MJ, Al Khazaaly S, Bisson MA (2015) Salinity-Induced noise in membrane potential of Characeae Chara australis: Effect of exogenous melatonin. Journal of Membrane Biology, 248, 93 - 102


  • Working with Susan Murch, Christina Turi and Susan's students, we measured circadian concentration changes in IAA, melatonin, serotonin, ABA and Jasmonic acid in Chara summer and winter plants.

    Mary J. Beilby, Christina E. Turi, Teesha C. Baker, Fiona J.M. Tymm and Susan J. Murch (2015) Circadian changes in endogenous concentrations of indole-3-acetic acid, melatonin, serotonin, abscisic acid and jasmonic acid in Characeae (Chara australis Brown). Accepted by Plant Signaling and Behaviour 11/8/2015.