• During Dusan Lazar's visit, we explored the function of melatonin in Characeae as antioxidant in photosynthesis.

    Lazar D, Murch SJ, Beilby MJ and Al Khazaaly S (2013) Exogenous melatonin affects photosynthesis in characeae Chara australis. Plant Signaling and Behaviour 8:3, e23279

  • Working with Mary Bisson on ROS detection, we measured the effect of melatonin on saline-induced noise in Chara.

    Beilby MJ, Al Khazaaly S, Bisson MA (2015) Salinity-Induced noise in membrane potential of Characeae Chara australis: Effect of exogenous melatonin. Journal of Membrane Biology, 248, 93 - 102