Statistical Methods in Astronomy--Lecture 7: Workshop

  1. Andrew Haigh: separating likely cluster/non-cluster radio galaxies
  2. Jung-Kyu Lee: centoiding and proper motion with IRAF
  3. John McMahon: gamma ray burst durations c.f. telescope slewing
  4. Jochen Liske: Ly alpha forest transmission of 20 year olds
  5. Andrew Jacob: fitting stellar limb-darkening profiles to visibility curves
  6. Saskia Besier: ML analysis of proximity effect in QSO absorbers
  7. Sim Pei Hoon: the coincidence of absorption and galaxy redshifts
The order of the presentations was selected by a random number generator; unfortunately there was not time to present the last two topics. Congratulations to everyone for bringing their topics along for discussion.

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1998 Apr 23
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