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Galaxy Formation

  1. Discussion: Where do galaxies come from?
  2. Background: Collapse Physics
  3. Evidence: What do galaxies look like?
  4. Models: How are galaxies made?

  1. The Physical Universe, Frank Shu, p.393...
  2. The Formation and Evolution of Galaxies, Richard Ellis, 1998, Nature (in press) astro-ph/9807287
  3. Overview: low-z observations of interacting and merging galaxies, Francois Schweizer astro-ph/9712017
  4. Gravitation and Cosmology, Steven Weinberg, 1972, Sec.15.8
  5. The Second Stromlo Symposium: The Nature of Elliptical Galaxies, ASP Conf. Ser. 116, eds. Aranboldi et al. -articles by Freeman and Malin

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