UNSW Astrophysics Postgraduate Course

UNSW Astrophysics Postgraduate Course

Starting March 1997, UNSW intends to offer a 1 year postgraduate course covering the essentials of observational astrophysics.

The course will be run as four separate seven week modules and will be taught by UNSW staff and visiting academics. For the first year we are fortunate to have Professor John Dickey visiting from the University of Minnesota, who will be taking a major role in the teaching of two of these modules.

The course will be run weekly during term time on thursdays 12.00-1.00 pm in room 27. The general format is for a one hour lecture plus assignments but may vary depending on the topic. Assignments will be assessed by the relevant lecturer and grades assigned for the students benefit.

As yet the course is voluntary and grades are assigned only to provide feedback to the students.

Below is the overview of the course and the following pages contain details of the individual modules.

Simon Driver
Thu Feb 8 1997