Part III: Optical and Infrared Astronomy

Part III: Optical and Infrared Astronomy

7 Lecture Course, Session II 1997, Convener - Michael Burton

(1) Observational Astrophysics, RC Smith, CUP, 1995.
(2) Astrophysical Techniques, CR Kitchin, Adam Hilger.
(3) Optical Astronomical Spectroscopy, CR Kitchin, Inst Physics Publishing, 1995.
(4) Data Reduction and Error Analysis for Physical Sciences, PR Bevington, McGraw-Hill, 1969

Date Topic Lecturer
1. July 31st
  • TELESCOPES : Optical Design: reflector / refractor, aberrations, focus (prime, cassegrain, coude, nasymth) Mechanical Design: equatorial, alt-az mountings Optical-IR considerations: emissivity, baffling Specialist Telescopes: Schmidt
  • Michael Burton
    2. August 7th INSTRUMENTATION: Definition of common terms: camera, collimator, cold stops, field lens, pupil, focal plane, resolving power, plate scale, dispersion, throughput. Basic optics of: imagers, prisms, grating spectrometers, Fabry-Perots. Fibres, filters and coatings. Michael Ashley
    3. August 14st DETECTORS AND SITE CHARACTERISTICS: Detectors: CCDs, IR arrays, photographic plates Site Characteristics:atmospheric transmission, atmospheric emission (thermal, airglow, auroral), telescope emission, astronomical backgrounds S/N calculations:background, detector limited regimes John Storey
    5. August 28th
  • DATA ANALYSIS: : Reduction of imaging, spectroscopic data Error Analysis Model / Function Fitting Statistical Tests (Chi-squared)
  • Michael Burton
    6. September 4th RADIATIVE TRANSFER: Radiative Transfer Equation Absorption, emission coefficients Blackbody, source function, Kirchoff's Laws, Optical depth Continuum and spectral lines Astronomical temperature systems Warrick Couch
    7. September 11th
  • AUSTRALIAN FACILITIES:: Telescopes: AAT / Schmidt, ANU 2.3m, APT, 8m and 4m telescopes, HST, Antarctica Applying for Observing Time

  • ASTRONOMICAL RESOURCES: Astronomical Software Packages: IRAF, Figaro, Midas, Starlink Graphical Packages: Supermongo Numerical Packages: NAG, Numerical Recipes, Mathematica Databases: Catalogues, Sky Surveys Library Resources: Epping, ADS Abstract Server, Preprint Servers, The WWW
  • Michael Drinkwater,

    Simon Driver

    Simon Driver
    Thu Feb 8 1997