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A duty tutor is available in Room LG02, Old Main Building, Mondays and Wednesdays 1-3 pm during session.


Lecturers and syllabus

    The lecturers are Mary Beilby and Joe Wolfe, whose photographs are at right. The course authority is Prof Richard Newbury, who is also the Director of First Year Studies.

    The working syllabus for this course: PHYS1169 syllabus (.pdf). See also:

Lecture notes.

The notes linked below are provided so that you can make best use of lecture time. They should not be considered as the syllabus, nor are they a substitute for a text book. It is a good idea to download the notes for each section in advance, and bring them to the lecture with you. Then you can add your own comments to the printed version.

Notes from Mary:

Notes from Joe.

Chris Hamer

Joe Wolfe


Recommended texts

Modern texts are really good. Clear explanations, great graphics and photos, lots of problems at the end of chapters, useful appendices. It's great to have one: not just for now, but as reference for the future. (You're not doing physics only because it's fun: you're future studies will depend on these ideas.) But they're also expensive. If the expense is really a problem, you may find it possible to share one, perhaps with a friend in the same course. Please note also that, although we list a recommended text, there are lots of good texts and the overlap in material is very large. Your lectures will not usually refer to chapter numbers or page numbers in a particular text so, if you cand find a good text second hand, that is also an option.

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