Thursday, June 30, 2005


Hi All,

well, haven't I been a slack bugger? Sorry for the delay in the posts but we have had a busy time of it in the last week and a half. Midwinters day went off without a hitch - mainly as it was a weekday. This didn't stop celebrations as such, there was still merriment to be had about the place. However we did try to save a fair bit up for the big dinner and party on the Saturday night. It was a two day weekend for most of the station - this didn't include me however. The women on station experienced a sudden attack of 'girliness' in the days leading up to the party. None of us are really the dressy, make-upy types, far from it, but it gets to you, only wearing big bulky carhartt jackets and overalls day in, day out, being shocked to see your ankles let along any other part of your skin, and hair-do's are really limited when you wear hats continuously. So there were whispers all over the women's loos in the week leading to the vent - "so what are you wearing?", "does anyone have any shoes apart from ugg-boots?", etc. The night before the party, Vicky and Kelly wrapped my newly blonde hair in white rags, and I left them in for 24 hours before the party. I had no idea how they were going to turn out. See (soon to appear) photos on the site to see.

Friday night wasn't meant to be a big one, and I really couldn't tell you why it ended up being such a festive one, but suffice it so say that many of us got quite merry. I say this to (partly, but poorly) explain why I ended up winning a $40 bet to stick my entire head in a massive bowl of chocolate mousse in the galley in the wee hours of the morning. I couldn't beleive people would pay me to do something I had been dying to do for ages (cause it just looked so big, inviting and chocolatey)) but then the same could be said of my job here!! Amidst gales of laughter from my audience I smeared the mousse around my face like a facial mask. The hilarious addendum to this is that the next morning my face felt more lovely and smooth than in the entire winter!! So I reckon I should market the stuff for $50 a bottle. I could make millions!

On the Saturday, I had to run out to work for several hours, but it felt strangely like Christmas. The tables in the galley were all decked out, wonderful smells were coming from the kitchen and the boys were setting up the lounge for the band. There was excitiement in the air. Everyone felt revived. The afternoon saw more girliness, with a lot of us meeting to soak our feet, give ourselves a bit of pampering and bring out the nailpolish even. By 3pm, Vicks and Kelly and I retired to her room (chasing out her , Vicky's, poor bloke, Jarrod) to finish the projects. I did their hair and then they unveiled mine. It didn't turn out too bad. We even dusted off the make-up boxes (well, I didn't have a box, just a paltry elyeliner) and made ourselves buutiful. It was fun to do for a change. Horses duvers were served at 4:30pm and the food continued till just before 8pm, courses including lobster salad, pate, scallops, dips, sushi, roast, salad (did I mention salad?), and cakes and sorbets for dessert.

The entertainment began at 8pm, with three, count'em three bands. The first band was 1 and a half Canadians, and they played a great gig, for about forty minutes. The place was packed with about two thirds of the station there. The second band was White Noise, who had a short set, which was fabulous, but I was glad it was short because I was itching to get up and sing. We , Al Dente, started playing at around 9:45pm and we went off like a frog in a sock. It was awesome. Our 'hits' included "Du Hast" (sung experty by Robert, wearing a very short pair of leiderhosen), "Stuck in the Middle with You", "Supersititious", "Groove is in the Heart" and "Bust a Move" - in the end, nearly 30 songs and that took us to midnight. Again, photos will be up on the site very soon.

Much fun was had by all, and is followed up this coming weekend with America's 4th of July celebrations. I think this is secondary to my birthday celebrations the next day, but I won't get too grumpy about it :) Photos coming soon. Enough rambling from me for now,

many smiles

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