Thursday, April 14, 2005

In the name of Science

Hey All,

well, its a little early for a new post, but since it came on request of some chaps putting together a show for the Worldwide Day of Science, I figured I should throw something out today. Our wild, woolly weather continues, with 18kt winds for the last four days, however this has a strange, counterintuitive effect here at South Pole. Yesterday, we had the warmest April day ever recorded here at South Pole! It was a balmy -39.7C. Crazy stuff. Only three weeks ago we were in the -65C range, and in comparison I feel like breaking out the bikini.

Visibility is nearly zero, and drunken-looking walks to the Dark Sector are popular among the science crew at the moment, interspersed by the more eager beavers with awkward and painful looking face-plants into the sastrugi. I have yet to fall over, but am sure there is a sastrugi still out there with my name on it. Today also I experienced the joys of riding in the sled with Allan. Normally I sit on the skidoo behind Robert, safe from my vengeful fellow Aussie, but today the snowmobile was full of junk and so I sat facing backwards in the front of the sled, facing The Snow Avenger. I say this because as soon as we got moving, Allan proceeded to scoop up great handfuls of snow and dump them on me - it is quite a bit harder to retaliate when facing backwards - as the snow is going the wrong way, if you get my meaning. Three full handfuls went straight down the front of my jacket. Even in balmy weather here, let me tell you this would wake the dead and start them dancing. I let out a sound that went something like Blaaarrrrghhh!, but that doesn't quite encompass the horror of it. I had dropped some snow down Allan's jacket a few weeks ago (I can't remember why, but I am *sure* he deserved it) and as I discovered, revenge is best served icy, icy cold...

Tonight is the fortnightly 'Aussie Movie Night' and we are showing Mad Max to the masses. When I first came down here a few years ago, they had this on video, and as it started I was horrified to discover the entire thing had been dubbed with American Accents!! Oh, the horror. Now they have the new release DVD version in the Store and I hired it for tonight, assuming that Americans may now have come to terms with accents other than their own. To my disgust, the American-dubbed version is still on there, however in the Special Features reads the line "New to the US - Original Australian Language"! So tonight the Yanks are getting the correct version, and despite requests, they are NOT getting subtitles. Bah.

You will also notice some changes to this page - on the right are links back to my homepage and to a few of my photo pages, to make them a bit easier to access. On the 'fun at Pole' page is a photo of my crazy hair - for those who have requested it :)

Viper and ACBAR continue to work well, although now they are taking wonderfully detailed and sensitive measurements of well, cloud, but hopefully this will clear soon and data will be useful again. At the moment the telescope is just a big snow-cone, and scooping out the detrius is a daily job.

In all other things we cruise along merrily at the moment. so I'll sign off. All the best and hoping everything is well in the outside world!


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