Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Christmas at Pole

Hi Again,

I can't believe it but Christmas is upon us here at Pole (well, everywhere, ok fine). Christmas dinner has to have three separate seatings to accomodate all of the residents here, but the meal is not to be sneezed at - looks like it will be amazing, as usual. They are having a snow
sculpture competition also: I will post some photos of the entries as I take them - they are half formed now, but include a monstrous high-heeled shoe, some Easter Island type sculptures, and some abstract things which either have yet to take shape or are meant to look like that and I am not communing with the higher art taking place...

We are still awaiting new parts for the instrument, and as I have been quite ill, this has meant that I have been getting better acquainted with the Station's dvd collection. I am a little worried that I shouldn't get too acquainted: it is a long winter after all! I am on the mend now
finally, so hopefully the rest of the collection is safe for a while.

I am hoping this email finds you all well and happy approaching this festive season. Would love to hear from any and all of you, so drop me a line whenever you have the time. I will try and get a new post up after the Christmas madness.

Merry Christmas all, be safe and happy

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