Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thin Blue Line

Hey there,

well now it really has been a while since I wrote, hasn't it? Main reason
(apart from being slightly toasty) is that not a terribly large amount has
happened, and we are all so in our grooves now that everything trundles
along on a very smooth day-to-day basis. So what had happened last time I
chatted ... I think I was just about to cook my big thai meal for everyone and
this was a mission let me tell you - cooking for 86 people is quite a thing!
The thai came out great though, and everyone enjoyed it, it was great to have a
change and though there were a few people running to the loo the next day no
one complained!

I did however, vow never to do it again when Allan got a bee in his bonnet about making pies;
there are no individual size pie plates on station so he first went about
making an industrial pie plate maker - this thing was a behemoth and I cut
out about a million (ok maybe just eighty) alfoil circles for this thing to
press into pretty pie plates. We ended up with about 150 of these things,
which, in Allan's mind anyways, meant that we should make 150 pies!

For a few days before hand Al and I were in the kitchen making fillings for
the pies - meat pies, curry pies, veggie, chicken and potato pies. Crazy. We
even got tin-knocker Jared to make us some cookie cutter shapes to
distinguish between the pies once we put the lids on!

Saturday rolled around and we ended up commandeering an army to help us make
the pies, we had about fourteen people in the kitchen at one point. It was
quite a mission but much fun, there was a lot of dough being thrown around
in addition. The pies were a huge hit... Halfway through our pie-making mission the rest of the station
had an all-hands meeting in the galley.

One part of the fortnightly meeting is a raffle - everyone throws their
names in cause while most of the prizes are pretty pathetic - four year old
tim-tams and corn nuts for example, the last few prizes are worth it -
usually a couple of vouchers for a five minute shower and sometimes even a
ten minute one, and then Bill raffles off the ceremonial country flags which
fly around the ceremonial pole each summer. Since they get quite tattered
they replace them every year and give away the old ones as very cool
souvenirs. Now after sitting through nearly a year of these meetings and
never winning so much as a corn-nut, I concentrated on making pies and
ignored the raffle. So it was quite a surprise when someone nudged me and
said "You won!". I said "Bullshit!" and this for some reason made everyone
in the galley laugh! They were watching as Bill tried to get my attention to
tell me I'd won the Japanese flag from the pole! It was pretty cool, and is
now tucked safely in my drawer - I am thinking of getting everyone here to
sign it before they leave and maybe I'll frame it when I get home.

So in the only other *real* news it is getting light here! Now the sky is
getting prettier every day, with a warm blue horizon spinning around us on
one side and Jupiter, Venus and Mars pointing down towards the hidden sun
like a bright celestial arrow. I will say goodbye to my stars soon (at least
until I leave) though I am not looking forward to the sunlight as much as
some is is still a welcome change.

Okies not much else to say. Hope you are all going well out in the real
world. Check out the homepage there are some midwinter pics (finally) on
there. Aurora photos soon!


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