The ASTRODOME is located on the roof of the CSE building next door to the Barker St. Car park



The keys and access card to the Astrodome can be found in the usual location (if this is your first trip to the dome please get a trained operator to show you the way)


The swipe-card key will give you access to the sliding glass doors at the main entrance of the CSE Building, to exit use the push button located to the left of the doors.


Take the lift in the entrance foyer to the 6th Floor and enter the fire escape through the door marked FIRE SAFETY DOOR opposite the lift, go up the stairs until you reach a locked door ( marked PVC Membrane, no sharp objects) leading to the roof.


Before unlocking the Fire Door to the roof area, turn on the light switch beside the door. This switch turns on the red security/safety lights for the roof area. THEY MUST REMAIN ON THE ENTIRE TIME YOU ARE ON THE ROOF AREA. This is so that the University Security Service know there are people on the roof in case of an emergency. When you get inside the dome there is a dimmer switch for the roof red lights so you can adjust them if they effect your observations.


Take care walking across the roof membrane to the Dome and warn others about the unstable tiles and other a number of obstructions they may trip over.


Unlock the Astrodome and UNLATCH THE LOCK (to prevent locking yourself out).


Beside the door on the left hand side are the light switches to the lower Dome area and the dimmer switch for the roof red lights.


Take care when working in this lower area as there is a LOW CEILING HEIGHT and several PROTRUDING BEAMS. The C8 Telescopes are stored in this lower area.

Operating the Astro-dome