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Current Courses at UNSW:

PHYS 1211 Energy and Environmental Physics
This course covers the physics of energy and its application to environmental science. I teach the first part of this course covering mechanical and thermal energy, introductory thermodynamics, climate change, energy in biology and chemistry, and the origin, applications and problems of fossil fuels (handbook entry)

PHYS 1160 Introduction to Astronomy and the Search for Life Elsewhere
This is a fully online course providing an introduction to astronomy and to the search for life elsewhere (astrobiology). It uses video lectures, discussion groups and online assignments. The presentation is largely non mathematical, and the course is suitable as an introductory level course for science students, and as a general education course for non-scientists  (handbook entry)


Problem Solving Classes - See the Moodle site for this course

PHYS 1149    Fundamentals of Physics

Past Courses (at Macquarie)

GEOS 309 Astrobiology
GEOS 325 Applied Climatology
GEOS 328 Environmental Analysis Using GIS
HIST 112 An Introduction to World History

Past Courses (at Swinburne)

HET 618 Astrobiology and the Origins of Life (part of the Swinburne Astronomy Online program)