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The spectro-astrometry technique is a method for studying the spatial strucutre of astronomical sources on scales well below the normal limit on resolution set by the seeing disk size or the diffraction limit. It relies on the fact that the relative position of a source at two or more wavelengths can be measured to an accuracy limited only be photon statistics, if the measurements are simultaneous.

At the AAT we use the RGO spectrograph with its 82cm camera which gives very good spatial sampling of the seeing profile and take normal long slit spectra at four slit position angles (0, 90, 180, 270 degrees).

The technique is being used for the study of structure in pre-main-sequence stars, where it can be used to detect binary companions and to study the outflows from the stars.

It is also being used to study the structure of the narrow line region in active galactic nuclei.



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