KAGUYA Impact on the Moon - June 10th 2009

The impact of the Japanese spacecraft Kaguya on the Moon on June 10th 2009 was successfully observed from the Anglo-Australian 3.9m Telescope at Siding Spring, NSW, Australia. The observations used the IRIS-2 infrared camera and were made through a narrow band filter centered at a wavelength of 2.3 micrometres. A series of 1 second exposures were taken with 0.6 seconds dead time between exposures (so 1.6 second cycle time).

Impact sequence

The image above shows a sequence of four frames around the impact time, with a bright impact flash visible in the second frame, and faintly seen in the third and fourth. The impact time was approximately UT 18:25:10, within a few seconds of the predicted time. The observers were Jeremy Bailey (UNSW) and Steve Lee (AAO).

Wider view

This is another version of the second frame of the above sequence, including a wider field, and a different scaling to show the craters in the vicinity.

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Jeremy Bailey - June 11th 2009