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17th December 2004 - UNSW's Jessica Dempsey has accepted a position as winterover scientist for the ACBAR instrument on the VIPER telescope at Admundsen-Scott Base, South Pole Station. She has just arrived at the South pole and will remain there till November 2005. You can read her Winterover Diaries here.
Suze arrives in Antarctica

20 November 2004 - Storey, Lawrence and Kenyon arrive at Dome C

17 November 2004 - The summer Antarctic season has kicked off! Australian astronomers will again be working at two locations on the Antarctic plateau - the South Pole and Dome C. Follow their daily adventures in the Antarctic Diaries as they undertake maintenance on the AASTO and AASTINO observatories, and prepare experiments for the next winter season.

Xue Long 15 November 2004 - The DACA (Dome A Camera) instrument was safely delivered to the Xue Long ship in Perth, for transport to Antarctica and then to Dome A with the Chinese traverse. DACA will measure the wintertime cloud statistics at Dome A.

14 November 2004 - Storey, Lawrence and Kenyon fly to Christchurch to begin their trip to Dome C. More details can be found in the Diary pages.

Dome C 29 October 2004 - ARC Centre of Excellence proposal submitted for a 2-metre telescope (PILOT) at Dome C in Antarctica. The PILOT science paper describes the performance specifications, instrumentation and science programs for PILOT.

16 September 2004 -
Letter published in Nature on exceptional seeing above Dome C in Antarctica.
Robotic Telescope

15 July 2004 - JACARA talk at the Potsdam 3rd Thinkshop on Robotic Telescopes

28 June 2004 - JACARA talks at the Dome C meeting in Toulouse

21-25 June 2004 - JACARA contributions at the SPIE meeting on Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation in Glasgow