Key Papers


There has been considerable progress made in the past decade in our understanding of both the Antarctic environment, as it pertains to astronomical observations, and in our knowledge about how to operate in the conditions. The following is a list of key Papers which summarise our understanding, and investigate possible facilities that could be built to take advantage of the unique conditions. They have all been extracted from the JACARA bibliography, which contains a complete listing of all Papers published through work facilitated by JACARA.

Refereed Papers

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Chapters in Books

  • Burton, M.G., `Astronomy in Antarctica', in Organisations and Strategies in Astronomy, Volume 5. Series editor Andre Heck, Kluwer, in press. Paper (1.8MB)

Conference Papers

  • Storey, J.W.V., Ashley, M.C.B., Lawrence, J.S. & Burton, M.G., 'Dome C-the best astronomical site in the world?', 2003. Mem. S.A. It., 2, 13-18. Paper (128K), ADS Link

  • Travouillon, T., Ashley, M.C.B., Burton, M.G., Lawrence, J. & Storey, J.W.V., 'Low atmosphere turbulence at Dome C: preliminary results', 2003. Mem. S.A. It., 2, 150-153. Paper (512K), ADS Link

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  • Angel, R., Lawrence, H. & Storey, J., 'Concept for a second Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) in Antarctica', 2003. Proc. SPIE, Proc. 2nd Backasog Workshop on Extremely Large Telescopes, Backaskog Castle, Sweden, 9-11 September, 2003, in press. Paper (2.2M)

  • Lloyd, J.P., Lane, B.F., Swain, M.R., Storey, J.W.V., Travouillon, T., Traub, W.A. & Walker, C.K., 'Extrasolar planet science with the Antarctic Planet Interferometer', 2004. In 'Techniques and instrumentation for the detection of exoplanets', Proc. SPIE, 5170, 193-199. Paper (376K).