International Astronomical Union Working Group for Encouraging the International Development of Antarctic Astronomy



This working group is an inter-divisional group of the IAU's Division IX (Optical & Infrared Techniques) and of Division X (Radio Astronomy). Its purpose is to facilitate the development of astronomy in Antarctica, in particular through providing forums for the engagement of the international scientific community in this endeavour.

Chair: Michael Burton, University of New South Wales, Australia.

Resolution adopted by the International Astronomical Union on encouraging the international development of Antarctic astronomy in 1991 during IAU GA XXI in Buenos Aires.

The working group works closely with the "Astronomy and Astrophysics from Antarctica" Scientific Research Program (SRP) of SCAR (the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research). This SRP is one of five such research programs established by SCAR.

Publications from the Working Group

  • 'Antarctic Astronomy-report of the IAU working group for the development of Antarctic astronomy, 1993-1996', 1997. IAU Transactions A, XXIIIA, 49-50. Editor Burton, M.G., Report
  • Papers from IAU 25th General Assembly, Sydney, 2003 (July 18th Special Session 2 'Astronomy in Antarctica, July 19th 'Visions in Antarctic Astronomy'), 2005. Highlights of Astronomy, ASP Conf. Series, volume 13, 929-977. Ed. O. Engvold. Contents, All Papers (11M)
  • Papers from IAU 26th General Assembly, Prague, 22-23 August, 2006, Special Session 7, Papers (1.7M)
  • 'Encouraging the development of Antarctic astronomy', Report of the IAU Working Group, Transactions of the IAU, Volume XXVIIA, Reports on Astronomy 2006-2009, Editor Burton, M.G., in press. Paper (40K)
  • Papers from IAU 27th General Assembly, Rio de Janeiro, 6-7 August, 2009, Special Session 3 (in Highlights of Astronomy, Volume 15) Papers (730K)

Meetings of the Working Group

  • IAU XXII General Assembly, The Hague, August 24 1994. Program
  • IAU XXV General Assembly, Special Session 2, 'Astronomy in Antarctica' and 'Visions for Antarctic Astronomy', Sydney, July 18-19 2003
  • IAU XXVI General Assembly, Special Session 7, 'Astronomy in Antarctica', Prague, August 22-23, 2006. Program, Abstracts
  • IAU XXVII General Assembly, Special Session 3, 'Astronomy in Antarctica', Rio de Janeiro, August 6-7, 2009. Program, Abstracts.



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