International Astronomical Union General Assembly XXVII

Special Session 3, "Astronomy in Antarctica"





IAU General Assembly XXVII

Special Session 3, "Astronomy in Antarctica"

Rio de Janeiro, 6-7 August, 2009

The Working Group met at Special Session 3 during the IAU GA in Rio de Janeiro in 2009.

Final Program

Abstracts for all Talks

Proceedings, published in Highlights of Astronomy, Volume 15

Talks are linked against speakers names below.

Scientific Organising Committee

Michael Burton, Australia (chair)

Carlos Abia, Spain

John Carlstrom, USA

Vincent Coudé du Foresto, France

Xiangqun Cui, China

Sebastián Gurovich, Argentina

Takashi Ichikawa, Japan

James Lloyd, USA

Mark McCaughrean, UK

Gino Tosti, Italy

Hans Zinnecker, Germany


Principal Topics

  • the current state of Antarctic astronomy, with winter-time facilities now operating at both South Pole and Dome C on the high plateau
  • plans for astronomical facilities at Domes A and F
  • review of the status of all these facilities
  • new science results, including results from the International Polar Year of 2007/08
  • grand design observatories, facilities that might be built in the future, once the new high plateau bases are well established

Programme (* denotes invited talk)

Session I 06/08/09

Topic 1. Overview of Antarctic Astronomy

Astronomy in Antarctica: an overview - Michael Burton (*) (Australia)

The SCAR "Astronomy & Astrophysics from Antarctica" Scientific Research Program - John Storey (*) (Australia)

Topic 2. The South Pole

BICEP: a Cosmic Microwave Background Telescope at the South Pole - Yuki Takahashi (USA)

Session II 06/08/09

The 10m South Pole Telescope - John Carlstrom (*) (USA)

IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole - Kirill Filimonov (*) (USA)

Observing the Universe from the South Pole - Vladimir Papitashvili (*) (USA)

Session III 06/08/09

Topic 3: Dome C

ARENA, a roadmap for astronomy in Antarctica at Concordia Station (Dome C) - Nicolas Epchtein (given by Hans Zinnecker) (*) (France)

Future Plans for Dome C - Vincent Coudé du Foresto (*) (France)

Star Formation at Dome C - Paolo Persi (cancelled) (Italy)

The LUCAS program: detecting vegetation and traces of life in the Earthshine - Danielle Briot (France)

Session IV 06/08/09

Topic 4: Dome A

CSTAR and Future Plans for Dome A - Xiangqun Cui (*) (China)

The PLATO observatory: robotic astronomy from the Antarctic plateau - Michael Ashley (*) (Australia)

Session I 07/08/09

Session 5: Dome F

Solar Cycles and Supernovae embedded in a Dome F ice core - Yuko Motizuki (Japan)

Plans for Dome F - Takashi Ichikawa (*) (Japan)

Topic 6: Other Sites

Site testing activities on the Greenland icecap - Michael Andersen (Denmark)

Astronomy at the Belgrano Argentine Antarctic Base - Pablo Recabarren (cancelled) (Argentina)

Session II 07/08/09

Astrochemistry and Astrophotonics from Antarctica - Andreas Kelz (cancelled) (Germany)

The Stratospheric Terahertz Observatory (STO) - Gordon Stacey (*) (USA)

Topic 7: Visions for Antarctic Astronomy

Science for the Antarctic Plateau: what should we do? - Hans Zinnecker (*) (Germany)

Session III 07/08/09

Topic 8: Business Meetings

Business of the Working Group - chair: Michael Burton

Election of new committee

SCAR "Astronomy and Astrophysics from Antarctica" planning group meeting - chair: John Storey

Poster Presentations

Module for observation in the polar regions: polar robotic telescope - Petre Popescu (Romania)

CSTAR telescope and Dome A site testing - Xuefei Gong (China)

Robotic supporting for LAMOST-type focal plane on the Antarctic plateau - Guomin Wang (China)


Presentations largely consisted of reviews and reports on current developments. Other slots in the program were been selected from abstracts submitted for IAU GA registration. Both poster and oral presentations were given. Registration for the meeting was through the registration for the IAU General Assembly. Please refer to the IAU GA website for further details.

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