Special Session 7
Tuesday 22 (p.m.) & Wednesday 23 (full day) August 2006



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AstroPoles - Astronomy from the Polar Plateaus - the astronomy program for the International Polar Year

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Coordinating Division: IX (Optical and Infrared Techniques)
Participating Division: X (Radio Astronomy) / Commission: 40 (Radio Astronomy)
Scientific Organizing Committee:
Michael  Burton (Australia, Chair), Maurizio Busso (Italy), Eric Fossat (France), James Lloyd (USA), Mark  McCaughrean (UK), Christian Spiering (Germany), and Shoji Tori (Japan).
Proceedings' Editor: Michael G. Burton.
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Preliminary Scientific Program Summary:

Antarctica offers a range of remarkable conditions that provide a superlative environment for the conduct of astronomy from the visible to the millimetre wavebands, as well as for high energy astrophysics experiments.  This meeting will discuss the current state of Antarctic astronomy, especially following the winter-time opening of a new high plateau facility, Concordia Station at Dome C.  The status of facilities at the South Pole and Concordia will be reviewed, and new science results presented. This will be followed by a discussion on future plans for facilities.  Finally, the meeting will provide an opportunity for discussing plans for the International Polar Year in 2007-08, including a possible site testing expedition to Dome A, the summit of the Antarctic plateau.

Principal topics:

  • South Pole
  • Dome C
  • Dome A
  • The International Polar Year


Registration and Further Information:

To attend it is necessary to register for the IAU General Assembly. To submit an abstract, either to give an oral presentation or poster paper, you also need to submit the abstract via the IAU General Assembly web site. These can both be done at URL www.astronomy2006.com.