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Sunday, January 25, 2004


We are getting a bit worried. Three days ago we have encountered computer
problems which stop us from getting parts of our system working. We have
emailed Michael, our software guru who is the only one who can help us since
he designed the software architecture of our project. The problem is that he
is at the South Pole at the moment and we fear that he might not get our
emails. It does not create delays to our work yet, but we are getting very
close to the point where we won't be able to advance unless we can resolve
these problems.

On a more positive note, we have received today two extra fuel tanks. They
are necessary if we want to make the AASTINO last all year long. Gianpierro
brought them on a forklift and lined them both next the AASTINO in such a
way that we can parallel them together to a fuel pump sitting inside the
building. When the two indoors tanks are filled up at the end of the season,
we will have a total of 4500 litres of jet fuel.

Life at Dome C continues as usual. Jon and Colin are obviously hooked on
baby-foot and they are slowly making some progress even if it is still a
piece of cake to beat them with eyes closed and with one hand. If I don't
see progress in the next few days, they will have to stay here all winter to
practice. The only difference in the station is this feeling that people are
on their way out. Some scientists are already starting to pack while the
station management is already asking us the weight of baggage we will be
taken back with us on the plane. The end of season is indeed drawing nigh
but when I think of all the jobs we still have to do it makes me wonder if
we will be able to finish it all.

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