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Thursday, January 08, 2004


I finished the weather tower. All the sensors are sitting very proudly on
its top and I have to say the ensemble looks very good. Painted yellow, it
stands out from the snow without crying too much for attention. I buried all
the cables that run between the sensors and the AASTINO where the power
originates. It's a shame I have to wait for Jon and Colin to be able to test
them. Amongst the 160kg of equipment they are carrying is the new power
distribution board, so I need to wait for its installation to dispense my
knowledge of the weather to the rest of the station. By the end of the
season, the AASTINO will measure so many parameters that it will be almost
worth making a data analysis screen saver and spread it around the internet
like the SETI program did a few years ago.

The DIMM is working overtime these days. Since the beginning of the year,
the weather has been great, with no clouds and very little wind. This is
good for the experiment because that means we can take data continuously for
as long as the sky is clear. It is also good for us because it means we don'
t have to wear as much clothing and therefore save a lot of time dressing
and undressing, an activity we have to do every time we get in and out of a
building. So at the moment I don't need to wear my wind proof overall that
requires me to take my shoos off when I need to go outside. The only
disappointment with the good weather is the disappearance of the sun dogs,
this atmospheric effect that reminds us we are in Antarctica.

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