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Monday, December 29, 2003


This is the time of the year where people take the chance to spend some time
with their family. It's not possible here, but the spirit is a bit similar.
The meals are longer and we spend more and more time in groups having
evening gatherings. The drink of choice is Champagne and there is plenty to
go around. I wonder if they have to dedicate a whole traverse for it every
year. Speaking of traverse, the next one which carries my equipment has been
delayed. They were supposed to arrive on the 31st initially but technical
problems have slowed them down and they now think of arriving on the 2nd. I
guess it doesn't make that much difference since it would have been
impossible to find someone willing to move my boxes to the AASTINO on New
Year's Day. I don't know if it's me stressing about my boxes or if it's the
Christmas spirit but I find everyone around me way too relaxed. I really
need something to get out of my daily routines. Maybe I should break one of
our instruments just to have something to repair and feel like Mc Giver
again. I can almost hear the aluminium tape calling me from its box. The
cable stripping tool wants to see the sun and the soldering iron is in
tears. Don't worry I am not going insane, it's almost dinner time and I must
be low on sugar. If you feel sorry for me nevertheless, you can send your
donations and broken instruments to the A.F.S., the Association of
Frustrated Scientists.

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