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Thursday, December 25, 2003


Christmas day started late fore everybody here. I got out of my tent at
11:15, while most people were still in it sleeping. I joined a couple of
people in the free tent who were sitting quietly. Five people only made it
to breakfast. At lunch time, the camp manager decided that enough people had
risen to start distributing the present. I guess he makes a good Santa Claus
being always dressed in red and with a beard of decent size. Everyone was
gathered in the TV room and called one after another to receive a t-shirt
from the IPEV (Eric was profoundly disappointed when he realized that they
only had XXL sizes) and a certificate stating we crossed the polar circle.
There was still a few people missing for this event and no one really cared
to wake them up for it.

The Christmas lunch was served at 1:30. As you can expect, it was another
nine course marathon. This time the Italians behaved remarkably. The
conversations around the table were of a slightly more serious nature and by
5pm we started exhausting the dessert: a 3m long Christmas log, a
traditional Christmas cake in France that is shaped like a tree log. We all
gave up at about 5:45 while about half a meter of cake was left untouched.
The rest of the evening was pure laziness. After all, digesting the quantity
of food we ate is an effort in itself. Some people took a nap, others like
me just collapsed in front of the TV to watch a movie I already forgot the
name of.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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