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Thursday, December 11, 2003

We’re still at sea! I know, we were supposed to arrive about 12 hours ago but it looks like we’ll be another day. Bad weather you say? In fact exactly the opposite, the last three days have been perfect. The sea looked like a lake; the captain couldn’t even believe it. My only disappointment is the grey sky. I have a great DV camera lent to me by the ABC channel (the A stands for Australian not American…) but nothing much to shoot so far.

So why aren’t we at DDU yet? Simply because this time there is a lot of ice to break through. In fact this is the first time I am actually excited since I got on that boat. Finally something new, something that wasn’t there last time. Last year, if you remember, the trip was picture perfect, not a cloud, Icebergs posing for us in every direction. This time, it’s a different experience. We have to slowly make our way into the ice shelf, maximum speed: 4 knots. So I finally got to see why we embarked on an icebreaker in the first place. What happens is simple. The boat slowly crawls on top of a big piece of ice until you see it break underneath the weight of my belly full for candies (and of the boat…). This would be long and tedious if the shelf was in one piece. Fortunately it is already well broken in and we mainly push our way around the ice. At the very least, it gives me the occasion to go out to try my black ensemble and film what starts to look like a real adventure.

I found out today that my plane is scheduled to leave DDU for Dome C on the 14th, so I should have almost 48 hours of fun on the island before getting busy.

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