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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Hi All,

not much to report today. It was clear, but very cold, and todays early job was re-installing some of the cabling and conduit I pulled up only a week ago! I had some help from the carpenter shop again, which was essential, and all three of us were very frosty and cold by lunchtime, but the conduit was done. It was therefore after lunch that I discovered that one of the cables for the webcamera, which was tied together with some old optical fibres and therefore for on the retro pile, was obviously not in the conduit where it belonged. Arghhhh!

So I'll work out a solution to that tomorrow - it was a full afternoon job just to disconnect it from the fibre optics. Our network connection is also up and running, though ironically I have no computer to make use of this fact! I also met a girl who plays ultimate frisbee, so we might set up a game late on Sunday - a better way to kill myself from lack of oxygen I cannot imagine! Should be fun :)

Tomorrow the webcameras go up, and I chat to cargo about sending our retiring instruments home to Sydney. It is hard to imagine I have only a few days left, and a week a go the AASTO, tower and instruments were all over a mile away and buried in metres of snow.


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