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Monday, January 12, 2004

Lucky its 110V...

Hey all,

the most exciting thing I did today was give myself a 110V shock. All I can say is that the only good thing about it is its twice as much fun as a 240V shock (and I've tried one of those before). It was only for a second, and the only reason it surprised me is because if you'd asked me before it happened how sure I was that the other end of this forty metre cable, that was tangled in about ten other forty metre cables was unplugged at the other end, I would have said "100 percent". But no damage (pity, I hear you say!). Might have even improved things!

Today I had many visitors in the little AASTO, at one point there were eight of us, and I was getting a bit worried about the green and yellow box's wonky legs! But we held up ok, and it meant lots of business and a bit of (albeit distant) company. The girls were outside burying the power cables - and the loud drilling sound I heard was actually a chainsaw, which they use to cut blocks of ice out to make a channel, the other follows and levers the blocks out with a shovel. Very cool.

Then there was the guy who came to make the optical fibre connection for our phone and network, but kept having to leave because he forgot something. At one point I was convinced he was sick of the job and was quitting for the day, as he turned and asked "Do you have any alcohol?" I replied that I hadn't bought any beers out to work with me, and not all Aussies are alcoholics, and it turns out he meant ethyl alcohol to clean the fiber ends. Oops.

I spent the day electrocuting myself, impaling myself on copper wire, getting splinters in my hands helping the carpenters package up the NISM, and generally catching up on the abuse I need to dish out to mysefl in regular helpings. But the day was productive, despite me, and I still have the use of most of my fingers!

Tomorrow we shall hopefully have some stairs and I may get a ride in some strange new vehicle they are going to use to move some computer bits for me. Will keep you posted,


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