Antarctic Diaries 2002/03



Welcome to the UNSW Antarctic Diaries for 2002/03. This year the Antarctic astronomy program of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) will be operating at two Antarctic plateau sites, the South Pole and Dome C. We are continuing our program to quantify the suitability of the Antarctic plateau for a wide range of astronomical observations, and developing the appropriate harsh-environoment technologies needed to do so.

John Storey, Tony Travouillon and Jon Lawrence are all heading to Dome C, courtesy of the French and Italian Antarctic programs. We are working closely with these countries in order to assess the astronomical potential (literally!) of this new site. These three will spend most of January at Dome C.

We are also continuing our work at the South Pole with the USA, refurbishing and maintaining instrumentation. Paolo Calisse will actually winter over at Pole, working for the VIPER project, but also keeping a close eye on the AASTO. He will be joined in December by myself (Michael Burton) and in January by Jon Everett.

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Paolo Calisse has returned to the South Pole to begin his winterover position. He will reside at the South Pole all year. You can also read his:


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