South Pole Diaries 1998/99



Wednesday 27th January

From Daniel Marlay.....

Well today saw the final cleaning up of the AASTO in preparation for my departure tomorrow. I've tidied the place up (vacuumed it all as well) in the hope that it may be left in a decent condition when Ron Rainbow leaves. I have completed the documentation of he SODAR installation and testing, and left copies of this in the AASTO. Charlie Kaminski has been given a copy of my instructions for using the SODAR, along with a bit of a demonstration by me. I've ascertained that the computer doesn't put me over the 70 pound luggage limit, and so there should be no problems bringing that back (although the shift of gear into my hand carry has made it a bit of a hand-only-just-carry).

The AASTO temperature was a toasty 33 degrees when I opened it up today. I had a bit of a sniff around with the freon meter, and it registered freon around the big radiator valves and near the tank. After opening the windows to get the air circulating a bit, the freon meter failed to register any freon around the pipes and tank. It may be that a small amount, sufficient to be detected by the meter, escapes and stays around the tubes when the windows are closed, But disperses quickly once even a small through flow of air is established. I've closed the AASTO up for today, but I will check it again tomorrow before I leave.
Michael Burtons wallet was found in the computer room, and will be flying the secure skies via Dan Air back to him in McMurdo. It is just a little worrying that Mike, who left a few days before me, will still be in McMurdo when I arrive there. Hopefully I won't end up having to stay too long at Mactown.

My flight out of here leaves in about an hour, so time to give the final wrap up on the AASTO. I went out and gave it a brief checkover this morning. Charlie opened the valves on the Radiator a bit yesterday, and so the place is cooler now, about 25 degrees Celsius. I did another quick check around with the freon sniffer to see whether the leak that I detected when I first entered the AASTO yesterday had developed again today. The answer was that it hadn't, I wasn't able to find any traces of freon using the hand held freon meter.

I've left John Davis with a copy of the net2phone software, and it looks like we have another winter over friend there. That's good, it's good to have winter over friends.

Well that's about it, It's going to be a bit of a pity to leave this place, but we're finished here and it's time to go. See you guys
back in Sydney in a few days time.

Daniel Marlay




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